Thank you

             The first week of college has flown by, and I can't help but stand amazed at all the wonderful things God has already revealed to me. New friendships, new opportunities, a new start, it's so overwhelming. I think back to this time last year and how much has changed. How my family has drawn closer together. Me making  new, unexpected friends. My whole idea of where I had wanted to go to college and what I had wanted to become completely turned upside down.
           I thank God so much for my family. I love them so much and I miss them dearly. These past couple of years had really drawn my family closer together and I praise God for that. My wonderful friends, I have no idea where I would be without them. Both my family and friends have helped me so much and I can't help but want to say thank you over and over again.
They have helped prepare me for this, this new part of life. They have shown me God's love to a whole new level, and have challenged me everyday to walk more in His footsteps.
So, thank you. I couldn't have done this without you.


First Day

    Tomorrow is the first day of school. The first day I wake up at six ten to work out. The first day I meet all my professors. The first day I meet even more people. The first day for lovely homework. The first day that begins this whole new life adventure. I am nervous, but I am also so excited. I have already been so blessed to meet so many wonderful people, and I can't wait to see what else is in store. I have been waiting, praying, thinking about this day for a long time and it has finally arrived.
  I think of all the amazing experiences I have already had, and how much God has truly blessed me. How much I have grown and changed, it's mind boggling. I want this experience to grow and change me even more. I pray so much that God will use me in so many different and unique ways that I can not even fathom right now. 
So now I pray, and wait for tomorrow to begin.


Becoming Broken


Such a powerful and comforting word.  

Broken, bitter, and hardened.

Now full of joy, thankfulness, and gentleness.

Beauty from pain.

Events in life happen for a reason. Reasons I don't understand. I fight, I cry, I shout, because I want everything to be done my way, in my time. 

Becoming broken has healed me.   

I couldn't fight, I couldn't scream. I had to bring my prideful self down to my knees and pray, cry that the Lord would help me, would heal me. 

And He has.

I have never felt so alive, so blessed. That once broken feeling has now led me to view life differently, to try to see through His eyes. 

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
                                                                                                                                  Jeremiah 29:11

So now I must watch, to seek out His will. Fulfill His purpose He has for me.

Because becoming broken is essential, with the Lord as my healer.


He Sees Me

Rain hitting the leaves outside my window.

I listen.

The garage door opening, welcoming someone I love home.

I feel.

Soft, warm covers around me.

I see.

Pictures of friends, family that bring back so many memories.

I smile.

A God who loves me, who sees me. 

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me, ”for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” 
                                                                                 Genesis 16:13

How powerful are those words? The One who sees me. The One who knows my every action, every thought, every fiber of my being. He is my God, my Savior, and my Refuge. The joy, the pain, the journey, He sees. He not only sees, but reveals.

Beauty of His creation.

Blessings of a Home.

Family and Friends who Love me.

A Savior who Died for me.

He truly is the One who sees, but also is the One who beckons me to see, to see Him.



A New Life Awaits

College. One word that has a full spectrum of feelings. Excited but timid. Nervous yet curious. Sadness mixed with complete joy. It's hard to decide which one I feel the most, but I feel ready. I want to go out into a new environment and see what will happen. College will provide me personally with so many different opportunities and experiences that I cannot wait to see. I am ready for the Lord to use me in whatever way possible, and that in itself is terrifying and beautiful. One more week to enjoy my surroundings and then a new life will begin.