More Than Just Amazed

I sat back and watched, listening to laughter of my newfound friends.
The smiles, the laughs, the innocent teasing...the kindness. A room filled with God's love.
I am in awe. I can't help but to smile. So blessed, so happy now. 
Amazing, spiritual young men sharing scripture with one another, encouraging me, encouraging others.
The most wonderful, incredible group of girls. Long discussions, tears, laughter, hugs. Silly talks about boys and crushes.
This is what I have been searching so long for. 
I can't help but smile even more, because I finally feel like I belong.
I silently praise the Lord. Thanking Him for this. 
No, it won't always be this easy, not always this perfect, but God never will cease to care, to amaze me with His incredible plan.
How much I fought against it. But you Lord, proved me wrong. And I thank you so much for that. 
I have changed so much. Happy, content, healed. This was Your whole plan all along.