Blessings Overflow

Two more weeks.
I can't believe my first year of college is almost complete.
It feels like I had just moved in, new place, new friends, new life...
New start. 
Now, it's almost done. 
I blinked once and I am already here.
How much has changed. How much I have changed. 
Growing stronger, growing better. 
Oh the memories. The laughter, the tears, the hugs. 
How truly blessed I am with the greatest of friends.
New feelings. 
Someone new, completely unexpected (literally). 
A boy that broke through that tough barrier of mine and still puts butterflies in my stomach. 
New dreams. 
If this year went by so quickly, what of next year or the year after that?
Am I embracing each moment? Living each day to the fullest? 
I am happy here, content, yet I wonder what awaits me in the future. 
I pray, I dream about all that will happen this summer.
Endless tanning with my best friend. 
Shopping with Mom.
Jogging with Dad.
Jamming out in the car with my favorite brother. 
New places. 
Those precious, chocolate colored skinned children looking back at me.
Just waiting to be loved. 
Me falling in love with new places and people all over again. 
Tears of joy and sadness are sure to come.  
New beginnings. 
How incredibly blessing this school year has been to me. 
And more blessings are sure to follow. 


I Love...

I love your friendship.
Becoming one of my closest, dearest friend.
Our talks, our laughs. Constantly together. Your honest opinion.
I love your fire for the Lord.
Your caring heart and gentle spirit. My accountability buddy.
I love your booming laugh.
 How you always make me smile and never cease to say hello.
So big, yet gentle. Always in the center of attention.
I love your frankness, your funny sayings.
Your beauty. Your zeal to learn more about God. Your weird music.
I love your humor.
Fast friends. Wonderful advice.
Your openess to others and opportunities
I love you as my roommate.
Your insight on things, your encouragement. Your excitement on the little things in life.
I love your smile.
Your teasing, your touch.
How we are honest and talk about anything.
That hat....
This is just a few... A few who have impacted my life.
How truly blessed I am.