I just want to write.
It's a crazy feeling and it won't go away.
I write all the time now. 
I have two journals.
One for my daily devotionals and one for personal writings.
I pour out my thoughts and feelings--my dreams.
I have a lot of dreams.
I don't want to just go through the motions.
Do what most people expect--what most people do.
I want to travel-- to explore the world.
I want to climb mountains, sail across seas. 
Swim in clear oceans. 
I want to meet people. 
Eat new foods.
Be different.
Make a difference. 
But I am living my dreams.
I have climbed mountains. I have swam in oceans.
I have met the most incredible people, all over the world.
I am living my dream.
Dreams don't stop.
Each dream can grow, become bigger and better.
I want all my dreams to come true.
Sure some may change, but why not dream the impossible.
It may not be as impossible as I think. 

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